Expression is the real intelligence


Well, enough of slump, enough of Old Story.

Like a clean spear of fire I am moving.

I am not still. I am ready to be ready.

I shall flail in the Hot Time.



Gwendolyn Brooks


I feel on such an island with my thinking. We live in a global world and yet so few seem to think globally. Weave threads of humanity.

I watch many miserably fail to walk the line of voice and reason. Listen and learn. Care and conscious. I endlessly worry about each new understanding I speak. Will it be met in the openness I mean?

But then I remind myself that most only listen to respond. Not to learn. Not to try so desperately to seek the root meaning to understand what is need for change. For hope. For all.

I’m reminded why I once wrote that our motivations are so much more important than our actions. It’s as if others can sense the unspoken desire from others. You’re not really motivated in their change but your voice. You don’t really care about the freedom of their dreams – only your stance.

No wonder this seems to be a line I lose sleep to walk. There is so much to consider before a word is ever uttered.

Naoisé 8th June 2020