The reason I started a project called Confidence Club was because this became the theme of my work very quickly

– ‘they have grown hugely in confidence’ became the catchphrase from everyone. Regardless of age, education level or working environment.

“Confidence, the holy grail in life. When you know who you are, how to express yourself & how you work best – you can conquer the world!”

Along with the key Idea that “I don’t work with Labels, I work with People.” And that I have loved difference since I was 3 inspired by Dr Seuss’s Star Belly Sneetches.

“We are all Different, Some of us just Stick out more than Others.”

How others see me changes for each person. The reality is I am many titles to many different people. The most relatable are mentor or teacher. But I once asked a selection of those who’ve worked with me and know me well for a job title. Thinking I would finally end up with something to full out on forms – this is what I got;

Brain Coach, Personality Detective, Success Specialist, Education Mentor, Life Changer, Potential Coach, Specialist Life Coach, Aspergers Mentor. And the completely humours answers; Wizzard, Mind Reader, Alchemist of Education, Personality CPR, Miracle Grow.

As you can see I didn’t end up with a nice easy title to put down but then I don’t believe in boxes for people so I’m not really surprised, are you?

I always feel that parents or students own words describe so much more effectively what I do. I continually ask the people I work with for feedback – some below have taken the time to put their own words to the experience of working with me.

“To descibre what Naoisé does is impossible but to describe the effect it has on a person is a lot easier. Naoisé builds confidence from the ground. She can help solve problems you could never put your finger on. She … Continued

Naoisé builds confidence from the ground

“Dr O’Reilly was as healing balm to a weeping wound, understanding me as though shining a torch around the inner recesses of my mind. If, like me, you’ve always felt a misfit, you’ll appreciate how being understood is such a … Continued

Naoise O’Reilly set me free

“Naoisé became exactly what I needed at a very difficult juncture in my academic career. Her unending optimism, insightful observations, and tailor-made recommendations gave me just the support I was looking for. Highly recommend her support for anyone seeking well-rounded … Continued

Unending optimism, insightful observations…

‘Working with Naoisé is an excellent experience as she found work place with me with ‘Cash Guard’. She understand with a person with Dyslexia, like knows where I coming from. She is a person that try’s to tailor my needs … Continued

Dr. Naoisé is an excellent person to meet

“I believe that people meet each other for the reason, even being on different continents. On that very moment when we got acquainted with Dr. O’Reilly I had that feeling – I am on the right way. I have tried … Continued

Magic happened!

“I met Naoisé O’Reilly when my special needs son was due to sit English exam within a month and when his teachers were predicting that he will fail. Over 4 sessions, Naoisé gave my son visual clues, rules, and templates … Continued

She is patient, caring, and understands autism related problems well

Naoisé was lovely to work with and helped my daughter understand more about her learning and the way she thinks. It was very helpful to talk through subjects and choices and feel confident about our decisions. Naoisé helped my daughter’s … Continued

A more holistic approach

“My daughter has been seeing Naoisé now for the past two years. She has a fantastic way of interacting with people. My daughter took an instant liking to her. Her approach to learning is made Stress free and fun. She … Continued

Her approach to learning is made Stress free and fun

“Thank you so much for the support you have given us with our son since our first meeting in 2015. Your assessment of his abilities and areas to work on were very professional and well in tune with my son’s … Continued

You go that extra mile

As a Mum of two dyslexic teenagers I had the good fortune to meet Naoisé in 2014. Initially it was a relief for my children to meet someone who ‘got them’ and didn’t think of them as ‘stupid’ but recognised … Continued

The support and positive encouragement from Naoisé… has made a huge difference

“Working with Dr.Naoise we have found her to be very thorough and intuitive , caring and continuously supportive. With her knowledgeable guidance , together we have found true happiness for our children and she continues to help and plot a … Continued

We have found true happiness for our children

“for 1st time in my life someone has shown me another way for me to learn” – “to learn & develop without a sense of panic” Adult Client, November 2015. Adult Client

For 1st time in my life someone has shown me another way for me to learn

‘I was really impressed from the outset, when after a 45 minute conversation with me Naoise really seemed to have a good understanding of my son and what his issues were. It was the first time I felt that anyone … Continued

Naoise clearly has a very special talent for engaging young people

It’s very difficult to do justice to Naoise’s work in words, Naoise has an amazing insight into how people’s minds work, she can explain to you why you think the way you do & how to look at things differently … Continued

get in touch with her, you won’t be sorry.

“Hi Naoisé, Please find a few lines below. I just had a meeting with my daughter’s teacher and school special needs co-ordinator. They are astounded at her progress and her confidence and restedness inside. Thank you so much, Much love, … Continued

I knew instantly that she understood

Thoughts about Naoise and Homework Club and how it benefitted My son: Meeting Naoise was a turning point in my son’s life. He was at a point where he was isolated and in despair and seemed trapped, boxed in. Attending … Continued

A turning point in my son’s life

“Naoisé gave my son the ability to learn in a way that best suited him. By working with him and connecting him with others, Naoisé boosted his confidence in himself and gave him practical ways of working towards the Leaving … Continued

It was a real game changer

“Thank you Naoise for your ongoing support. Your analysis is spot on. Our daughter loves the audio work you suggested. An exercise she wants to do. She’s really taken to it. Focussed listening. And that in today’s worlds of kids … Continued

Your analysis is spot on

“….We had been looking around for some time to get practical, creative advice and support to assist our son who is in his late teens, on the spectrum and in a mainstream school setting. Naoise came highly recommended to us … Continued

Emphasised his strengths and built confidence

Working with Naoisé was extremely helpful in my preparation to commence a college degree. Naoisé was able to help me identify what style of learning suited me best, how to approach assignments and projects and how to get some balance … Continued

Working with Naoisé was extremely helpful

“We started working with Naoise in May, 2020. I came across Naoise by pure chance when I was looking for online learning resources for my two teenage daughters. For once I got lucky and ended up with so much more … Continued

Much more than I had expected

“Our son was having huge difficulties. His world was getting smaller and smaller. Starting secondary school was a nightmare. There was too much change all at once. Our son really struggled and eventually became a school refuser. He was diagnosed … Continued

Opened up a whole new world for us.

“I contacted Naoise 5 years ago. My son has Aspergers and the issues associated with this meant that his concentration levels were poor and this was reflected in exam results. He was very bright but had difficulty in engaging with … Continued

Naoise was a light at the end of the tunnel

“Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly came to us at a time when our child was feeling overwhelmed and anxious due to school. In an attempt to find solutions, I reached out in the worldwide web and was very surprised to find out … Continued

It has been an incredible experience

“Our Son had no major problems in Primary School, he was happy and relaxed. His school work was excellent.Joined school committees and acted as a mentor for younger pupils. However all this changed when he started Secondary School. The first … Continued

The difference in him is amazing

“I contacted Naoise because my son was having difficulty with his attention and focus in school. From the start I felt Naoise was on his side. She is highly respectful and really knows how the childs mind operates. I never … Continued

Her passion is undeniable

Naoise’s approach is to peel back the layers, start with the core and work out from there. Naoise does this in a very thorough yet comfortable way. From what I can see, Naoise helps you to identify your individual style, … Continued

Helpful for kids but also for me as a mature adult

“My son was diagnosed with ADHD, depression & anxiety disorder at age 12, upon encountering difficulty adapting to school life at secondary level. He subsequently struggled through school, and eventually dropped out of school in 3rd year. We were introduced … Continued

I was instantly won over by her warmth, manner & ability to communicate

Dr. Naoise O’Reilly has worked with my son who has Asperger’s Syndrome. She has provided career development advice and abundant support to help him reach his potential. Naoise is intuitive, inspirational, encouraging, pragmatic and highly knowledgeable. She instinctively understands the … Continued

Trusts her completely and highly respects her

“When we first met Naoise, I had no idea of the huge impact she would have on our family, especially my 14 year old son. Due to Naoisé’s support, my son has become, more confident in himself and in all … Continued

Naoise is so approachable and a master of her vocation

“My 5 year old son started school and almost immediately seemed to lose his natural love of learning that I’d admired since he was a baby. He was keeping up with his classmates but he had little interest in schoolwork … Continued

Not only back to the curious, funny, creative little guy he was but he is happier in himself

The good thing about working with Naoise is that it’s a journey, not a one off. Better still, Naoise guides that journey by contacting us on a regular basis to check on progress and helps course correct if and where … Continued

It’s a journey

“My 12 yr old son is often poorly understood. However, his connection with Naoise was almost instant! She understood him and the way he thinks and learns, in a way where he felt respected and valued. He loved his online … Continued

She understood him… in a way where he felt respected and valued


An image to show some of the reasons people find my door. There are so many reasons… stories.. experiences. They span the ages! Perhaps some of the words above of others have spoken to you too?