Opened up a whole new world for us.

“Our son was having huge difficulties.
His world was getting smaller and smaller.
Starting secondary school was a nightmare. There was too much change all at once. Our son really struggled and eventually became a school refuser. He was diagnosed with Aspergers, ADD, Anxiety disorder and ODD at age 14.
We heard about Naoise, who came highly recommended through a friend of a friend.
From the very first call with Naoise, I was confident that she could help. She seemed to understand our son, she seemed to get how he worked and that was without meeting him.
We met up within a few days, Naoise chose the perfect place for the meeting. The National Gallery. Everything she does is with great care and attention.
Naoise observed our son carrying out different tasks/ puzzles and activities. She had a lengthy chat with him.
Naoise was able to give suggestions and recommendations straight away to help. She totally got his personality and how he worked.
That was our turning point.
Naoise has opened up a whole new world for us. We have been introduced to amazing teachers that also understand our son and what he needs.
Our son has transformed. His future is so bright and with the help of Naoise he has unlocked so many possibilities and opportunities.
Naoise has a great gift. She understands and cares. She is able to find solutions, she has great vision, warmth and insight.
We will be eternally grateful for her continued help and support.” Irish Mother