Testimonial from Patreon Supported Client

“Like climbing a mountain and taking in the view when you’re almost at the top, 63 is a good age for looking back.
It was suggested to me, almost two years ago, that I find out something about a condition known as Asperger syndrome. Without elaboration, the suggestion was in good faith and intended to point me towards coming to terms with myself and a somewhat turbulent past.
I found Dr Naoise via searches on ASD and was astonished that she responded personally to my email.
I explained briefly why I was reaching out and within a few weeks I did a first ever Skype, with her!
For anyone who walks alone, even in a crowded room or busy public life, I  recommend Naoise highly as a generous and knowledgeable professional of ASD challenges. Naoise kindly gave of herself without financial charge and reassured me that it was OK not to be able to afford this help.
I support Naoise on Patreon at 5euro per month and I appeal to anyone reading this, even on passing, to make this small contribution towards her work. It’s not every day you meet someone like Dr O’Reilly who’s motive is not material gain.
Thank you so much.” April 2021

In order to support my vision of taking literacy and intelligence out of the same sentence, I have set up a Patreon account.

My aim for the last 3 years has been for my writing to gradually support my work in a way that it will mean I can work with individuals without payment.

In the interim, I have created an exclusive access space to my writing and the inspiration process – the backroom to the creation of my Purple Psychology Podcast and Essays in Awareness.

Thank you for your support!

Naoisé 12th January 2021