Feeling Good


“I have a dream… “

Martin Luther King Jr.


Isn’t it strange when you know more than ever – that everything bad happening in the world depends entirely on how each individual feels? How good they feel inside.

How threatened and insecure they feel in a moment.

But then in a way you know it makes it all so easy to fix. It makes change possible one by one. Each filled with love not afraid to feel. To question. To do what seems right not what seems easy.

Because it’s not always easy to stand out from the crowd. To do the opposite. To not go along with the mob. The expected of the pack.

But in a way, it’s all so easy. So easy to feel whole, different – that you don’t need to diminish another. To feel threatened for no good reason. This is the power of one. The idea I’ve spent my life devoted to in recent years.

All I need to create is balance within each individual. For them to be able to see those around them in truth. With no bias. To always put the best forward. To look for the best from others. Then every dream is possible.

This is the ugliness unfolding you have bred for generations. How could you possibly need to own another human life if you felt good about yourself? How could you literally swash the last breath out of another? How could you instantly jump to bad assumptions? How bad do you need to feel to want to burn it all down? What will it take for us to see each other’s reality? Who can possibly stand up and tell us to feel good right now? That it’s ok to go home and forget all this ugliness which has festered inside. And how bad do you need inside to feel to fan the flames?

We can only ever look at another in a way dependent on how good we feel about ourselves inside.

Naoisé 31st May 2020