Messages from Unconditional – How we Vote

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I’ve been thinking a lot in our motivations in how we speak to people. What we promise for your vote. It doesn’t matter if you are on the good side or the bad.


Both require promises to separate.


I’ve just finished the fictional story set in the 1800s of poverty-ridden London. The Tiger in the Well, Philip Pullman.


The ability to turn away. To not see your inter-connected role.


“Smashing windows and burning down houses won’t turn you into a master. Only a desperate man would think it could.”

The Tiger in the Well, Philip Pullman


We are all connected. We have choices every day in what we support. Where we buy our coffee. Where I write. where I buy my ink. Where I buy the clothes I wear. The shoes on my feet.


Every choice is inter-connected. How we decide the privilege of our existence.


If there is no reason for poverty. Starvation. Why are we all competing?


Because we continuously play the conditional games of fear. Who is pitted off each of us?


It’s extraordinary how much the everyday human feels they need to be happy. At peace. I mostly just need a lack of reaction to be at peace. And an acceptance this is unrealistic in this current world.


Or at least a way to Teflon coat myself against the vibes. Or a way to stay in my own lane of joy. Regardless of the misery.


To put one choice. One word. One foot in front of the other.


There is space for each of us to not just survive but thrive. But we forget every day as we vote. Eat. Buy. Live.


Carve out more space against the enemy we are encouraged to see.


I can’t write in this cafe anymore. Small birds have been joining. Mother birds have trained their young. Now everyone chases them out. Supplies water bottles to spray them. Are you telling me there are no leftovers here for a bird table to feed them?