Navigating the Maze


“We are only as blind as we want to be”

Maya Angelou


People don’t know what to do when they meet now – they end up looking like meerkats. Only more awkward.

As children go back to school – it looks similar to something in a really bad sci-fi film. Without the social interaction, I’m left to wonder what the purpose of school might be? Not education – that’s a different question. But what can you gain in a glass cubicle opposed to a screen?

If we aren’t renewing the hamster wheel for everyone. Is it not time to stop and ask what our children need? There are people who’ve enjoyed this time at home with their children. Weird and all as they may seem to others. We know free-range eggs taste better. Are healthier. Why must we insist on factory farming young minds? Again it’s the corporations deciding that we don’t need offices. Not us. It’s all in the margins – not the humanity. And I’ve been asking for years “why are we building more offices?” Ones that we need to travel too? And gradually the cars reemerge on the roads and I wonder – did you see the nature bloom?

It’s as if all the inequalities are laid out fresh to pick over. The ones that seemed better in all the clutter. Race and gender continue being the two biggies.  But social economics are in there too and all too often still correlate.

I still can’t read the dark. The soul searching of others. I can only focus on the beauty left behind from a past generations. Gibran didn’t write for his time. And Rachel Carson never lived to see the awareness. There is so much ugly on show now. I wonder will we really look? Or will we just shuffle it around some more and go back to a ‘new normal’.

But I see glimmers of hope. I get asked to help for what I do. I’m seen in a new way. Until now all too often many came to search for what they thought they wanted or needed. The guise of success or the distraction from the suffering. Few asked me to do my real work. They didn’t even know they needed it until now. But yes, If you understand yourself better you’ll probably find it easier to navigate your way out of this new maze.

I write in my journal each morning – ‘this is your time’. It was a phrase that was repeated to me over and over by those close at the start. Almost 4 months have passed. And yes, it feels true at last. Unicorn season has arrived.

Sometimes you don’t need the loudest voice but the longest.

Naoisé 20th May 2020