Purple Development

This is the first method I ever drew out on the table – using whiteboard markers as we wrote directly onto the tables in the school. You can imagine how much we all loved doing this! I told you too many rules …

So what do the colours mean?

Another glimpse into my journals:


Purple Leanring Project:

Core Primary Colours:
Red – personality
Yellow – Aptitudes
Blue – Potential

Secondary – what is created or created from:

Green – environment
Orange – confidence
Purple – Expression

Expression is the most important but we need confidence to be in our best form. To even begin to express ours ideas, our talents, our potential.


Suppression Core:


So as we move through life generally we have these layers – institutions – ideas – ideals – people’s opinions superimposed on us. Until they suppress our Core.


Development Core:


In my Development Core journey – it is a journey through life and you take every experience as adding something to your being. Growing out like a tree inside. A healthy one – adding layer after layer each year with the possibility to still grow. You take all the ancestral ideas, the generational patterns and you add your own. You don’t become stunted in growth because of them – you become confident because of your differences. You allow your personality to shine. You in short develop your Core.


How it comes together: