“Mother Abbess: Maria, these walls were not meant to shut out problems.”


Sound of Music


Another first for me after Frankenstein. Yes, I’ve seen the Sound Of Music before in any form. There is plenty to hate. It’s a bit archaic in roles. But also it’s a film ultimately about expression. How much music matters. How to express our feelings and how to stand true in our values. Probably quite a good one for humanity to experience right now.

How many are using home to hide? How many are reemerging to truth?

And as the weeks roll on – we still live in a world where others passions are sustaining us all. But we are still not encouraged to have our own. To sing our own hearts. Still, the focus remains on the maths and the most boring of school. Who determines the weighting of learning? Which subjects matter more.

You can come out into nature – but that doesn’t mean you match it. The beauty or the power. The Terns after their long flight from Africa have been safely netted and yet you stamp through. The sea rages and yet you paddle with lack of concern for the depths.

There is so much out of sync right now. None of it resolved in school. There is a deep divide in the city. The self-worth gap I’ve always known is there in new technicolour ways. If you don’t love yourself – How can you care for others? There’s such a strong correlation in handwashing and self-worth. Mask wearing and defiance.

Are you the same people who didn’t feel represented in school? The ones we argue over correcting your work? You feel like pawns in a twisted game. I’m reminded why I started out to speak for the students. Just like the Lorax who spoke for the trees.

Now we need people to speak for them all. The frontline, the undervalued, the one’s lacking self-worth, nature. Gaps of all sorts that still haven’t been filled. The students who grow into teens who riot.

The baby fish have doubled in size in a week – Do you care?

Naoisé 26th May 2020