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This is the podcast I recorded to go with my scribbles in my journal.   I decided to give a
This is the first method I ever drew out on the table - using whiteboard markers as we wrote directly
  "....and also my growing realization that the sincerest struggle to change the world must start within." Alice Walker Forward
The micro-macro balance "Sometimes you have to not just dream about what could be - you get out and push
Wishing for a dream “You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.” Rosa Parks
Residual "I tell you there is much to hurt and astound the innocent heart in this world... much, much, much."
Purple Learning Educational Manifesto - Dr Naoisé O’Reilly  18th August 2020 This pandemic is a chance to press reset on
Majorities don’t change “I dream a world where no human No other human will scorn, Where love will bless the
Alice Walker   There is a sense that we've been too lucky. Too lucky to value. We don't know many