I write journeys. You travel through my writing – not anywhere exotic. Well, through your own soul. And I guess
  “You know, everybody has setbacks in their life, and everybody falls short of whatever goals they might set for
  “If you’re not hopeful and optimistic, then you just give up. You have to take the long hard look
“He conquers minds, as well as hearts, wherever he goes; and without convincing anybody’s reason of any one thing, exalts
Insinuations legacy of ‘#MeToo’ campaign Once meeting a friend for a drink I opened the conversation; “Do I talk to
Footnote to ‘War In My Lifetime” On Friday the 13th of March I wrote a piece ‘War In My Lifetime’
“If we want a better world, we have to make it ourselves.” Alice Walker, Taking The Arrow Out Of The
  "One of the processes of your life is to constantly break down that inferiority, to constantly reaffirm that I
  "Some fools don't know what's right from wrong But somehow those folks belong Me, I try for all I'm
  "Her going did not so much make me lonely as make me realise how lonely we were." 'Jimmy', James